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Guest Comments

Peter and Denise, New York City
Patrice, While we sit here waiting for our flight back to New York, we wanted to thank you for the help with setting up a fantastic trip for us. Rome is definitely one of the most beautiful cities on Earth. Thank you very much and have a great New Year. Peter and Denise December 31, 2017

Howard and Maribeth, Washington DC
Dear Patrice, Many thanks for helping us have such a wonderful vacation. It was so wonderful to share the villa with friends, all made possible by you!

Susan, Illinois USA
Hi Patrice! I wanted to thank you for organizing the perfect vacation in Rome. It was off the charts! The tours were superb! They really involved our girls in the tours. Ava absolutely loved everything, especially the mythology tour. We were all taken by the sweet, kind nature of Livia, our underground Rome guide. All of the ladies were fantastic! Our many thanks go to you, the great organizer! You made everything so easy for us. Our only job was to enjoy Rome! And boy, we sure did! The apartment was wonderful, the pre travel tips most helpful, the tours were amazing, and the gelato tasting was our nightly ritual!! We truly appreciate your kind help throughout our adventure! All the best to you, Patrice!! Susan

Richard , New York
We write to you from our second villa in Lucca which we rented from another villa agency. They have a lot to learn from your service and because of our first week with your rental we were better prepared to know what to ask for that this current villa was not offering. The owner is really very accommodating and took care of most of the items not disclosed in their voucher. Truly a great owner just lack of communication with the villa agency. Your service and details of what to expect are heads above the other agency and was greatly appreciated.

Diane P, Los Angeles CA
Patrice, Thank you so much for going out of your way to make this family vacation a reality. We are indeed indebted to you. Our memories will last a lifetime. With gratitude, Diane and Family

A.S., Basking Ridge, NJ
Your professionalism made our trip go smoothly. Everything went as planned and that's what you hope for. Thank you so much for all your suggestions and help. Hopefully I can work with you again real soon. I will highly recommend Papavero rentals.

George J., Marblehead MA
Papavero Villa Rentals was most helpful in choice of property, advance preparations, and touring advice. No complaints.

F.P., New Jersey
Your assistance, Patrice in familiarizing us with the area and the options for sightseeing was invaluable. Thank you for your time, effort, attention to detail and patience. It was truly appreciated. I will be pleased to recommend Papavero Rentals to others. We love Italy and hope to return sometime in the future, as do our children and grandchildren.

Richard E., New York City, NY
We are in our second villa in Lucca which we rented from another well known agency. They have a lot to learn from your service and because of our first week with your rental we were better prepared to know what to ask for that this current villa was not offering. The owner is really very accommodating and resolved most of the items not disclosed in their voucher. Truly a great owner just lack of communication with the angecyMore when we return. Your rental casa dal cuore was great, a little remote but really great

J. A, Phittsburg, PA
Patrice - Thank you! I appreciate your expertise very much, not just about what there is to do/see/eat in Italy, but also your knack for understanding clients and helping us prioritize the million things we could do to plan a great time together. BTW ? John?s sister will join us for some time in the villa, so it will be an even more fun family affair. Best, Jackie

L.A., South Carolina
Patrice held our hand when needed and made great recommendations on what were "must dos" while in Rome. I must compliment Papavero for providing very accurate descriptions of the properties. We had no surprises. Also, compliments on your contacts in Rome. All airport transfers and arranged trips happened flawlessly.

L.G., Hamden , CT
Clarissa- F25-The location was great. Love the Oltrano area with craftsmen and restaurants close by. The owner, Federico was always around with suggestions and recommendations- very warm, hospitable and attentive.

Joanne, Illinois
My husband Bill and I took our children, spouses and grandchildren, to Italy for Christmas. After some research I contacted Patrice and she helped me plan the most memorable family vacation. Every time we get together (and we do that often) someone brings up an incident, a meal, the house, a tour, something from our trip.
Although the pictures on the Internet made it look lovely, it just didn?t capture the ambiance and views from the house. New Year?s Eve we stood on the Terrence and were able to see fireworks from the surrounding Villages. It was speculator! There were 14 of us; 10 adults, 1 teenager, and 3 children 9, 8, and 5 years old. Everyone had a comfortable room. My grandson Nate (18 at the time) took the tower and sometimes we could hear him playing the piano, it was magical!!
The Staff was so accommodating. Coffee (both regular and decaf) would be ready in the morning and a cold breakfast was laid out?. Some mornings we made a hot breakfast and by the time we were finished eating everything was cleaned and we just had to get our coats and head out. Patrice did a wonderful job of helping with a shopping list. Which was purchased before we arrived. And the cabinet was always stocked with wine, which we were able to enjoy and pay for at the end of our visit. We also had a wonderful tour of the winery, and sampled some of the products that they make. BTY, are also available in the cabinet (in the living room).
We were in very experienced and knowledgeable hands with Patrice. She is a very caring person and her main objection is to fit her clients with the right Villa. Not knowing anything about rentals in Italy, I had suggested some other Villas, however after giving her a detailed list of my family members and what we wanted to accomplish on our vacation she highly recommended the Villa Chianti. And she was right, it was conveniently located so we were able to cover a lot of ground.

PG, California
Hi Patrice,
We made it. Getting ready to go out on the town in Milano. Long day of travel. Got into room and napped (am I getting that old). Car and driver was waiting for us. Your right Linate airport is so easy. The driver is from Como and when I told him where we were staying he said "Beautiful". I think the family wants to pass on Milano and head right to villa. Patience is a virtue.
I'm glad you enjoyed the flowers. I asked for Tuscan colors when I ordered. Had a hunch. Thank you for all your help. Makes the trip that much more enjoyable.
From the whole family a big Thank you.

Lori P, New Orleans LA
Dear Patrice,
Daniel who met us at the airport was awesome and adorable waiting for the bags which took forever to arrive on the luggage carousel. The ATM by 8 was perfect. Our driver whose name I can't pronounce (Dematrio????) was so nice and knowledgeable and utterly charming. Our guide, Francesca, was awesome. She gave us THE BEST orientation tour!!!! We have been walking around Rome like natives because she was amazing. I think we got a super tour!!! We were all thrilled and have been in three bookstores looking for her "magic book!" Please don't worry or apologize. It was all very, very special!
We have been super tourists-since we arrived. The Coliseum and Forum were so wonderful today. We ate lunch in Travestre, did the campo dei fiori after lunch, and bought FABULOUS bags of pasta for presents back home. Dinner last night was super..had pasta right around the corner and loved the ravioli and dessert was to die for. . We walked to the top of the Paletine Hill and the jasmine was stunning as we're the views. Went to villa farnesina and palazzo corsini and got a private tour of the gardens which was spectacular!!!! I spent money on Via del Pellegrino. Will go back to one shop when the boys aren't foaming at the mouth with boredom.
Vatican and Villa borghese tomorrow.
Antonia called to check on us and Walter has been super.
A flower vendor gave me a bunch of peonies today and told me I was bellisimo. And we have not been pick pocketed!
Might wait for Florence to buy my nephew a leather jacket. We found a shop today but they had too many zippers
Tonight is a taxi to pantheon, dinner, Trevino fountain and piazza navona to eat a tarfulo at bar tre scaliini
So much fun.
Hugs ______

Tom K, Canada
Hello and Happy New Year Patrice. We are starting to plan our summer vacation for this year and it is centered around a wedding in France. I recall you had an associate that does Parisian rentals but I neglected to keep the details. Are you able to provide that to me again? Your service was so exceptional that I?m eager to use anyone that you recommend. Hope all is well, thanks in advance. Regards, Tom

Tom K, Toronto, Ontario Canada
Hi Patrice, We are still basking in the glow of the trip.
I see you already posted some comments from one of my emails at the time. That fully captures the way we viewed the whole week.

Your service was truly exceptional......right down to your quick responses on the 4th of July.
France is on the menu next summer. Attending the wedding of a friend. Will not hesitate to contact you the next time Italy is in our plans.

Tiffany T, Virginia
Dear Patrice, I have now been home from my Italian adventure for about six weeks, but the memories, tates, smells, smiles, hugs and laughter are still with me.
I can never thank you enough for working with me to create the most amazing trip for my family and friends. While I had a vision and a hope for what I wanted the week to be, you made that Vision and Hope come alive. From the moment we arrived to when we each said good-bye, each day, each meal, each adventure built on the last. Old relationships and friendships were strenghtened - new ones were formed. Including ours! I miss you too and definitely want to plan a lunch or dinner when I am next in Philadelphia.
With much appreciation,

Tom R, Bryn Mawr PA
Can't believe this is our last nite!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. It was the trip of a lifetime!!

Judith L., CT, USA
We loved the accomodations and was very pleased with Papavero Rentals. Patrice was helpful in many ways that I did not expect. I certainly would recommend this company to anyone that wants rentals in Italy.

Donnatella, Los Angeles, CA
Patrice, I think of you often as we talk about our trip and the amazing service you provided and beautiful apartments. I have given your name to several people so hopefully they'll call when they are ready to plan their trip! Many thanks again,

K. F. , San Francisco, CA
Patrice, wow???????.what a great trip. Your suggestions recommendations, choices were all sensational. Thank you so much. Can you please send me your office or home address so I can stay in touch. Thanks kent

DR, Washington DC
Patrice, I think of you often as we talk about our trip and the amazing service you provided and beautiful apartments. I have given your name to several people so hopefully they'll call when they are ready to plan their trip! Many thanks again, D

L&J T, Chicago, IL
Dear Patrice, Our sincerest appreciation for your guidance, direction and assistance with our travels in Italy. It was a fantastic trip - many thanks to your diligent efforts! Your recommendations were our beacon. We enjoyed such wonderful meals and experiences on our many excursions. It was an all around faulous adventure that you made possible. We will be sure to be in touch upon our return to Italy. Grazie mille!

J. S. , Los Angeles, CA USA
Our first day at the villa. We love it and are still trying to figure things out. But it's amazing and humongous and I can't find myself around yet, but I'm getting a lot of exercise just looking for rooms in the house! HA!
Pietro, our concierge, is here right now, so it's nice to speak English and Adriana will be back at 11:00 so we'll get into a plan later today.
We couldn't be more thrilled!

Dan E, New York City
Dear Patrice, I just read the most recent issue of Conde Nast travel magazine and see that once again Papavero came out on top! It is a well-deserved award. All the best! Tanti auguri! Dan

N W, Bethlehem, PA USA
Hi Patrice,
We loved the apartment. Thanks so much for arranging everything for us. Also the Bellevue in Amalfi was very nice. So sorry again for my disorganization right before I left. I will definitely never attempt to get married, move, quit my job, start a business and leave the country in one week ever again. Let me just say that going to the beach in Amalfi first was a really good decision :)
I hope all is well with you, and I have been recommending your site to everyone! Best, Natalie

Ann R, Boston, MA
Great location! We loved the Campo and many wonderful nearby restaurants and the apartment was in walking distance of many sights. The apartment was laid out well for my family and had a lovely roof top patio.
There is a great wine bar almost across the street. The name is Rosciolo. We stopped by for a glass of wine and cheese, delicious. They serve dinner but you must have a reservation. Obiko, (I think?) the mozzerella bar on the Campo is also fun. And Forno is a great bakery and sandwich shop on the Campo.
I would absolutely come back to this apartment.

Sam C, Pittsburgh, PA USA
Patrice: I will fill out the survey, and forward it. But I wanted to say that the trip was absolutely wonderful, and your help was a big part of making it so. Not only were the Rome apartments wonderful, but the arrangements you made in Sorrento were simply excellent. I must say it was one of my most memorable trips ever. Moreover all of my family feels the same. We plan to travel to Italy again either next year or the following year, and I most definitely will use your service again. I also will recommend to anyone who I know will be traveling to Italy. Again, thank you for your help. I attach a couple of pictures.

Frank B, Arlington, VA
Hi, Patrice -- It-s hard to know where to begin. Everything about my trip to Italy was so perfect. I loved every second. Couldn't have been a better place to stay. Thanks so much for all that you did to make my trip so wonderful. Take care. -- Frank

Leslie T, Chadds Ford, PA USA
We arrived home from Italy yesterday Our stay at Casa Martani came on the heels of 3 days in Venice and 3 days in Florence and a 1 day driving blitz through Tuscany, including Siena. Boy, were we ready for a spot to park ourselves and Casa Martani was the perfect place. As predicted, we got lost trying to find the house - but to tell you the truth....even that was a pleasant experience. We ended up the little hill town (that you can see from the upstairs bedroom window at the house) and stopped to ask a group of older woman if they knew the house address. I knew they weren't going to be able to understand a word I said but it didn't matter. I just showed them the address of the house and they all began to argue about it. Finally one woman stepped confidently out from the group touched my arm and pulled me aside. Via hand gestures and very basic one word interpretations I got the gist of what she was trying to tell me. Off we went into the countryside again. I loved it!
The house was such a gracious and beautifully situated homestead. The weather was hot and sunny the evening we arrived and we were in the pool within the first half hour and watched a beautiful sunset paint the sky as we swam. Dinner arrived complete with wine and we sat up in the 2nd floor kitchen watching the sun sink into the hills, with its glow on our faces.
We side tripped to Todi and Citte della Pieve via tiny, winding, hilly roads through the breathtaking countryside. Thank goodness for GPS. What an adventure.
My husband and son were taken by surprise by the workout facility. I did not tell them about it - you should have seen their faces when she showed us that on the orientation tour. It was the icing on the cake.
I loved my espresso in the morning, thanks to their kitchen outfitted both upstairs and down with espresso machines, compete with supplies. I couldn't stop looking out the windows, marveling and appreciating the beauty of the countryside that surrounded us there. Really.......unbelievably gorgeous in the morning at sunrise right on through the amazing sunsets.
Thanks for helping make it happen. Just wish it could have been longer. We will long remember our stay in Umbria.

Sandra K, Seattle, WA
Patrice and Ginny,
Thanks so much for your contacting our friends and the keyholder in Florence to let them know our flight was delayed and we were going to be very late. Your suggestion of calling the keyholder and giving our apartment keys to our friends saved us from finding a hotel at midnight! We weary travelers were so happy to know that there was a place to lay our weary heads when we arrived in Florence.

Cindy H, Allentown, PA USA
Dear Patrice, We are back and I just had to write to tell you that our trip to Tuscany could not have been better. Thank you for helping us choose the house, you were right ont the mark, Everyone loved it! You were a walking encyclopedia of information on Italy and we appreciated all your time with us. I know we had you on the phone for hours, you must have been happy to send us on our way ! Everyone in the group sends their sincere thanks for a lovely time.

D. Williams, Charlotte, NC ( USA)
Ginny was wonderful to deal with. She was responsive and very helpful, especially when we were stuck in the train station in Florence because of the Italian train workers strike. Thank you for everything. - Dany

Arron T., San Francisco, CA USA
To be honest we hesitated before renting because we were able to find less expensive options ? but in the end we had full confidence in Papavero, and couldn?t find anything to match what our rental offered us. Boy did we make the right decision. Every part of the interaction exceeded our expectations, and every aspect of our rental was a delight. I will not hesitate to recommend, no, STRONGLY recommend, Papavero to friends. We very much look forward to our next stay!

Ron W, Lawrence, KS ( USA)
Dear Ginny, Many thanks to you and Patrice for your help in arranging our Villa. In spite of the fact that we arrived 8 hours later than planned on Monday, and our luggage did not arrive until Thursday afternoon, the trip was a HUGE success. We traveled to Siena, Verireggio, Barga, Firenza and Pisa. The Villa was fantastic; beautiful, secluded, very clean and accomodating, exceeded only by Signora Daniela and her husband's hospitality. They were so helpful and kind to us. Your suggestion that they would be worth the change to La Boheme was an understatement - they were one of the very best things we found in Italy. Thanks again. We can't wait to return!

B.R., New York City, NY( USA)
I am just writing to say Thank You! No questions this time, just a heartfelt Thank You for the wonderful packet of information that I received today from you. You have gone the extra mile and we are quite impressed! I have already sent copies on to the rest of our group, and we are so excited about our upcoming trip to Tuscany. Thank you so much for all of your help, you have been so thorough! You know, you could sell all of the great information that you sent us, or better yet, write a book! Grazie! Grazie!

L.G., Hamden, CT ( USA)
I have always wanted to go to Italy but was hesitant becasue I didn't speak Italian. We did not want to go on a tour but really wanted to experience Rome. This was perfect! Everything was just as described - the apartment was adorable, the area was great for us 'first timers' and the transfers went off without a hitch. Can't wait to do it again. My husband and I have signed up for an Italian language class in preparaton for our next trip! Thank You!

S.G, Allentown, PA
Virginia -- hard to believe it's just a week ago I called you about getting a driver for Rachel and here I am, already having heard from my daughter that she is safely in her apartment in Colorno. She called about two hours ago to tell me she was safe and sound. Music to a mother's ears. Just wanted to say thanks very much for helping us out at the last minute by finding a driver. Rachel said the driver was waiting for her and he was very nice. She was very thankful not to have to struggle with all of her bags through the bus, train and cab scenario. Once again, thanks very much, Virginia -- Susan

E and F Rubel, Morristown, NJ USA
Fred and I wanted to thank you for help making our trip to Italy the best ever.
We're still savoring our experiences. The quality of all the places we stayed was excellent, and the logistics went as smooth as could be expected.
Hoping to stay in touch, and connect with you for our next trip to Italy.

Mary S., Seattle WA (USA)
I have used other rental companies both for the area around Tuscany and Umbria as well as Rome and I always approach a new company with trepidation, you just never know what you will get until you arrive at the place. We were not disappointed! I would highly recommend Papavero Villa Rentals.

Tim and Lesa, Jacksonville, FL USA
We were delighted with the services of Patrice. Do not hesitate to call on Papavero Villa Rentals for all your travel needs in Italy. They deliver! Everything, within their control, was exactly as represented. All transfers and guides were on time and extremely courteous and professional. We could not have been in better hands.
The tours set up were delightful, their drivers excellent as well. Thanks for choosing this tour guide and nailing down all the details for us while we were traveling in France.We really appreciated the email updates on our guided excursions!
Hope all is well with the two of you. Many thanks for all that you both did, to insure that our trip was a pleasant one.
Rest assured that if our future travel plans include Italy, we will look forward to working with you again.

Lynda B, Germantown, PA USA
This was my first time to rent through Papavero Rentals. I will rent again. I was pleased with the entire process.
The apartment was fabulous. I highly recommend Papavero Villa Rentals because the staff was well informed and very helpful. The apt was exactly as described. The key holder met us at the apt exactly as scheduled. Staying in a private apt made us feel more like locals and less like tourists.
THANK YOU ! Our trip was excellent.

Barbara and Frank S., Columbia, MD USA
Good Morning Patrice, First of all let me express our sincere condolences at the loss of your mother. Fredericka mentioned it when we arrived at the villa. I am including a huge hug from her & one from us. Thank you so much for all of your help in finding us an absolutely wonderful villa in an incredible area. All of us loved every moment of our stay. I didn't want to leave & when we got home I went to your site & relived the rooms. Our afternoons on the pool house patio sipping wine & dunking bread in olive oil, oregano & parmesan were pure delight. The lizards, the pheasant & fruit bearing tress will be engraved in my memory. Everyone we met was friendly & helpful. My only complaint is that I couldn't speak Italian because I know it would have enhanced my understanding & appreciation of Italy even more. I have recommended Papavero to my ex-sister-in-law who may be looking for a place with a group of her friends. Take care & hopefully we will need you again! Sincerely, Barbara and Frank

L.M., Ontario, Canada
Virginia, thank you so much! I simply searched the net, came across your web pages and there was a vacation of our dreams.
I am originally from the Czech Republic but live in Canada with my husband and our 8 months old son. We teamed up with my parents and decided to rent IL Pittore from you.
This was just about the best vacation ever. The villa is out of this world! We did not even want to leave the place and explore around ? that is how beautiful the property and the house was. The pool was a bonus, our little one loved it. The owner was very good to us. We were given a key from his wine cellar and were allowed to harvest his freshly grown basil, tomatoes, lettuce and all kinds of other vegetables as often as we liked.
I do not get to see my parents very often ? and family vacations do not get better than that.

David and Bobbi D. , Bethlehem, PA USA
Your recommendation for TS26 Tramonte was excellent, so I'd say you read us well as customers! Your directions were perfect, even how to get out of the Rome airport, while a bit hectic for us since we could not always translate or orient to the Italian signes, nevertheless, we got to the villa with little problems.

E. D. , Pinellas Park, FL
We loved renting a house instead of staying in a hotel! The info packet that was provided by Papavero Villa Rentals was very helpful in learning to 'live like an Italian'. We also enjoyed the wealth of information about the area and it provided us with lots of useful information about getting around, what to visit and even where to park our cars! Papavero Villa Rentals gets a 5 in our book!

M.L., Sausalito, CA
Buon giorno,
We're home safe & sound as of last night. Had a fantastic trip. I wanted to tell you that Dimora was like a dream come was truly perfect in every way. Thank you, thank you........and thanks too for all your very professional help and for making the whole thing go so smoothly.
I'll happily recommend you to all my friends and to several travel agents I know.

A.H. , Los Angeles, CA USA
Dear Patrice and Ginny, Thank you for the most glorious vacation. It couldn't have been better. You made my dream vacation perfect and you both went out of your way to make it all happen.
We will definitely recommend you to our friends and we hope to take another trip in two more years. You are the best!

Julie, Maryland, USA
We have rented three properteis in the past four years from Papaver and each one has been magnificent. The staff has always been helpful and able to meet all of our needs. We will continue to use Papavero Villa Rentals whenever we travel to Italy which we hopefully will be doing again soon.

Julie G., St. Louis, MO USA
Thank you for everything, You and Virginia have been wonderful. Every time I talk to you I get more excited about the trip, if that is even possible.

Jane W., Cheshire, UK
I cannot thank you enough for all of your help. May I also take this opportunity to say how impressed I have been with the service I have received from all of you at Papavero Villa Rentals. I will certainly be recommending Papavero to any friends planning to vist Italy. With my very best wishes to all of you.

Roger P., Hudson, WI USA
Dear Patrice and Ginny, We all had a great time. Thanks again for all your service and follow up. I enjoyed working with both of you. Everyone wants to go back in the future. I am sure you will be able to help find us another villa. Best wishes for a successful year. Keep in touch, you never know when the ten of us will want to get out of town again!

Kelly M., Canada
Dear Virginia,
We did have a wonderful trip! It was truly excellent, and exactly as I'd imagined it. A huge thank you to yourself and Patrice for all of your help. You made planning this trip hassle- and worry-free. I would recommend Papavero Villa Rentals to anyone. I found staff to be extremely helpful, informative, efficient and friendly, which made logistical details easy and allowed me to book with confidence and a peaceful mind.

Ann H. , Santa Barbara, CA
Thank you again for all your help. For YEARS, I had wanted to be able to take my family to Italy. You have been so helpful and wonderful to work wtih. I would highly recommend you to everyone. Thank you for helping me realize my dream.

Lisa and Joey G., Allentown, PA
Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you did for us. We had a wonderful time in Italy. Our villa was absolutely beautiful, we didn't want to leave, even after three weeks! In fact, we could have spent a couple of more weeks there. We have told a lot of people about you and that you are simply THE BEST!

D and L E, Los Angeles, CA, USA
My husband and I wanted to rent a villa in Italy with our family and friends to celebrate our 50th birthdays! We looked on line and from friends found numerous websites renting villas. Then my Husband found Papavero Villa Rentals! SO lucky. They were the most friendly. The most knowledgeable about Italy and the most affordable!
We started out thinking we would need a small villa but our numbers grew to 29 people! The staff helped us through the process of picking the right villa. When we got to the villa I cried - it was beyond what I had ever imagined! The pictures on line, while they showed a very nice villa did not show all the charm and beauty it entailed! Not only did they rent us villas, they took so much time with us to schedule events for all these people. Our tours were specialized for us and could not have been more perfect. Friends that have been before were in amazement of the quality. The chef we had for our cooking lesson at the villa was the most wonderfully educated fun person to have around. They also found us an Italian band for our birthday party - the catering they picked for us was 5 star quality (really - everyone is still talking about the food!)
I can't wait to go to Italy again and have Papavero help plan it! They went the distance in every way.

L. P., Boston, MA, USA
Just wanted to let you know that Alcida had an absolutely wonderful time! She said the apartment was perfect! Lou said thank you very much, again, for all your help in making this possible for his sister! Keep in touch and we will be sure to recommend you to anyone traveling to Italy!!
Best of luck with all your ventures!!

E. S., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hi. Well, we did get your package today. Hurray! If you are not the very best, you have us fooled.
We are really excited and in large part feeling so comfortable with all of your documents, efforts, advice, etc.
We would like to line up a tour of Rome for Monday, June 7. Most likely not too early and I am not quite certain yet what we want to see. Probably those attractions you feel are beyond walking distance
More later. Thanks again for EVERYTHING!

L.A., Los Angeles, CA, USA
It was the best month of my life. Thanks to you. I want to go back, just like you said I would.

C. J. , Roswell, GA, USA
Patrice and Virginia:
We returned on Friday from a wonderful 2-week vacation in Italy and I wanted to thank you and the staff of Papavero Villa Rentals for handling our delightful accommodations at Immaculata in Rome. This beautiful and well-appointed apartment was perfect for us; the location could not have possibly been better; and Mara was a delightful and accommodating host. She left helpful information for us which came in handy as we scouted restaurants and markets in the area. We were thrilled will this lovely apartment and would highly recommend it! Thank you again for an exceptional vacation experience. Paravero Villa Rentals was a delight to deal with from start to finish!

J. M., Rockville, MD, USA
I have used Papavero to plan a family vacation to the Amalfi coast and I was so impressed with their personalized service and the quality of their villa that I have booked a vacation to a Tuscan villa for May.
I have found Patrice and Virginia to be extremely knowledgeable not only about the villas that they present but also about Italy as a whole. They will recommend restaurants, places to see, book your car, even send you a map outlined with the route to your villa. Any questions or concerns which I had prior to my trip were answered by Papavero immediately, completely and professionally and I will continue to use them whenever I travel to Italy.

A. M. , Everett, WA, USA
Thank you so much for all of your help arranging our honeymoon in Rome. It was wonderful and we will definitely use you again, it is just so nice to have an apartment and not a tiny hotel room it really made us feel more at home. Thank you so much!

N. S., Chester Springs, PA, USA
Dear Virginia,
Thank you for a wonderful trip to Italy. You answered everyone of my many many questions and you were an invaluable help with the overall itinerary. Thanks so much!

A. C., Belrose, Australia
The service was efficient and communication good! We were a little tongue in cheek about paying all of our money upfront when booking on the internet, but Patrice was very helpful and soothed our fears. The villa was beautiful! We enjoyed the outdoors and the view.

D. E., Cumberland Park, South Australia
We absolutely loved Cortona and the apartment. We were absolutely amazed with our whole Tuscan experience and will never forget it. Thank you for all of your help!

J.C, Chilmark, MA, USA
Papavero Villa Rentals was well organized and very helpful in choosing a home. The farmhouse was lovely! Stunning location and very nice home. We loved our stay in Tuscany. Thank you!

R. G., Medway, MA, USA
We looked at many websites before finding Papavero Villa Rentals, they have the widest selection and are very accurate in their description of the property. Also, they were very informative as to the surrounding towns, restaurants,etc. They did an outstanding job! BRAVO!!

S. B., Bryson City, NC, USA
I would absolutely recommend Papavero Villa Rentals to anyone considering a trip to Italy. Our villa was well represented on the website and the Papavero staff was extremely helpful as was the owner of the villa, who were warm, charming and couldn't have been more helpful and accomodating.

B.N., New York, NY, USA
Thank you for all your help in planning the perfect trip to Tuscany! Nancy and I and all of our friends had a wonderful time and we appreciate all of your help, from helping us choose the perfect villa to arranging some wonderful private tours. The two weeks flew by so fast, we are all considering a month next time!

E.S., Winterpark, FL, USA
Papavero Villa Rentals is a great organization to deal with. Expect a business-like approach with a "personal touch."

P. R., New York, NY, USA
Dear Patrice,
Thank you for all your help in planning our trip to Italy. You were very helpful while choosing our villa, and continuted to assist us with every need through the entire process. I feel as if I know you... and hope some day I will!
I know I can speak for John & Ann and Bill & Fran as well as my husband George when I say, we truly had a wonderful Tuscany experience and we all thank you very much for providing us with a wonderful villa selection.

S.Z., Randolph, NJ, USA
Thank you so much for assisting with the reservations and the selection. I would rent here again in a heartbeat and certainly recommend your company to help with anyone heading to Italy. I am certain to seek you out again when next we visit ... have been thinking of perhaps a future rental near Capri or the Cinque Terra