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Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly asked questions are listed below. If your question is not here, just call or email us and we will be happy to answer your question personally.

Have you seen the villas?
Our mission is to make sure you feel At Home - in Italy. We want you to be confident in your decision, and to do so, we travel back and forth to Italy many times each year, inspecting possible new villas that will fit the strict criteria we have set. We've previewed the homes for you to guarantee that there will be no surprises when you arrive. Along with the owners, we have our own representatives in Italy and also give you our emergency number should there ever be a need to contact us when you are there.

What is included in the price?
All villas and apartments supply one set of linens per bedroom and one set of towels per person per week. A set of towels includes a bath, face and hand towel. Please note that washcloths are not part of the set. Heating and air conditioning are usually an additional cost, based on your usage and metered. All villas and apartments are cleaned before arrival, but there may be a fee for final cleaning, usually payable in cash euro when you arrive.

Can you arrange additional services?
Most villas will supply extra maid service, babysitters, extra towels and bed linens at additional costs. We ask that you let us know what villa services you request and we will pass it on to the owner. We can also arrange private guided tours, cooking classes, chef services, car rentals and transfers. We ask that you let us know at least 10 weeks prior to your departure date.

How will I find my villa?
You will receive your travel documents no later than three weeks before your arrival date. These travel documents will contain all important information about the home, such as the address, telephone number, directions and map, the name and phone number of the person who will meet you, show you around the home and collect the security deposit and final cleaning charges.

Do I need a car?
When renting in the countryside, we highly recommend a car for your convenience. We guarantee the lowest rates for your car rental. Italy has one of the highest rental rates in Europe since insurances are mandatory and not covered by gold or platinum credit cards. Feel free to shop around and if you do find a car for less, let us know and we will do our best to beat it. When choosing a car you need to consider not only the number of people that will be traveling with you but the amount of luggage as well. Trunk capacity is very limited, around 18 cubic feet, which will accommodate two large suitcases and one small one. While vans are a consideration for large groups, you may want to rent two smaller cars to navigate the narrow streets. Picking up at the airport is always easier, but comes with a 14% surcharge. Downtown can be more difficult to navigate out and not worth the 14% savings for some people.

Do I need an International Drivers Permit (License)?
In order to drive in Italy, you must obtain an International Driver's Permit. This is just a translation of your driver's license. You must still carry your state issued driver's license. You can apply for your IDP on line by clicking here. Drivers' permits can also be gotten at your local AAA.

What will be in the home when we arrive?
That depends on the property your rent. Some owners try to leave the cupboards spotlessly clean while other homes may have a few staples. Some homes are rentals only while others could be the owner's own vacation home. We always recommend you pick up a few necessities before you arrive at your rental villa or apartment; this includes paper towels and toilet paper. It is also important to remember that most stores are closed on Sundays, especially in the countryside.

How equipped are the kitchens?
All kitchens will contain enough service ware for the maximum number of people that are stated in the property description. All kitchens will carry the basics. Stove, sink, pots and pans. The bigger the home, the better equipped it will be in terms of dishwasher, microwave, blender, etc. Check the property description for a complete listing. If you plan on doing a lot of cooking, let us know so we confirm that the kitchen is fully equipped. Most large houses anticipate that you will be cooking at home, but some apartments will have just the basics.

Can we use our laptop computer while staying at the villa?
Any home that has a telephone land line will enable you to use your laptop. You will need an internet service provider with local access numbers and a phone adapter for Italy. We recommend for all your computer needs. Most computers run on dual voltage, so although you won't need a converter you will need an adapter to plug into the electrical outlet.
If the villa has high speed internet access it will be notated on the property description pages.
Please note that Italy has many internet cafes where you can go online and check your emails, as long as your email program is internet based. You can get free email addresses from many companies today including Hotmail, Yahoo, Google to name a few of the big companies.

Why is there a security deposit, how is the security deposit paid and when will it be refunded?
A security deposit is to guarantee there is no breakage or damage during your stay. You will find the amount of the security deposit listed on the property description page. If there is damage to the home, it will be deducted from the security deposit. If the security deposit does not cover the entirety of the damage, you will be required to pay the additional costs.
Most security deposits are to be paid to the owner/representative upon arrival to the home. Some owners have requested that we hold the deposit until they authorize us to release it to you after you return. In those cases, we will request a separate check made out to Papavero Villa Rentals at the time of the final payment. We will return that check to you when notified by the owner. In the case that there is damage, we will contact you for your preferred payment method. It is important for you to inspect the home with the owner at the time you depart and to have a signed copy of the list of damages before you depart.

What is included in the cleaning costs?
Cleaning costs vary with the accommodations. Many owners included it in the cost of the rental, but others request payment in cash euro on arrival. Some will have cleaning that is mandatory during the week; others will be cleaned upon your departure. All will be stated on the property description page of each villa and apartment. While we don't expect you to clean the house when you leave, we do ask you to leave the house 'broom' clean. That is, dishes must be washed and put away, garbage taken out, etc. If this is not done, a fee may be taken out of your security deposit.

Can we rent for less than a week?
Short term rentals of at least 3 or 4 days are becoming more popular in the cities and you will find a few in the countryside. You can find those rentals easily, by going to our Short Stays Listings. Short Stays rentals are ideal for taking advantage of the lower mid week airfare bargains and getting adjusted to the time difference so you arrive at your weekly villa rental rested and ready to go.

How far in advance should I book?
It depends on what time of the year you are planning to go. If you are going in low season (November to March), you have a greater chance of booking on short notice. However, if you are traveling during the high season, basically June, July and August, or need a large house, it is best to book at least six months to a year in advance.

I want to make a last minute booking, is that possible?
Of course! We advise you to book in plenty of time if you are looking at a specific home or have a large party, but we will be happy to book your last minute arrangements. We've often gone on last minute notice ourselves and although we may not get our first choice, there was always something available. Our homes are all gems, so it isn't a sacrifice?unless you really have your heart set on that one particular home.

When must I pay for the rental home?
A deposit will be necessary to book the rental home. Since we are dealing with individual owners, deposit amounts may vary. The majority will require a 40% deposit unless otherwise stated on the property description page of your intended rental.
After the deposit is made, your rental home is confirmed and you will need to pay the balance according to the agreement stated on your confirmation/invoice. Failure to pay the balance on the due date can result in the home being cancelled and you will lose your deposit.

How do I make payments?
Papavero Villa Rentals accepts MasterCard, Visa and personal and business checks, International money orders and wire transfers. All checks must be in US funds.

Can I bring my pet?
Pets are not allowed unless stated on the property description page. If coming from the US it is best to leave them home.

Can the owner/manager enter the house?
The manager or owner has access to the home, but will only enter the home when necessary. These reasons could include but are not limited to: any upkeep, maintenance or repairs. In many instances, the owner lives on the same property as the rental accommodations and will be stated on the property description.

Do you know of any good restaurants?
Ahhh, you've hit a soft spot with us. Owning a fine dining Northern Italian restaurant for almost 20 years, and coming from an Italian family that has been traveling to Italy since 1960, (my parents always planned their trips around restaurants!) we are happy to share our discoveries of both elegant and humble restaurants that again are up to our high standards. We are happy to include that information in your travel package. If you ever stumble upon a great place, we would love to hear about it and try it out on our next visit.